Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications
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STRATEGIC AIM 1: To rebuild transportation system so as to serve at technical and economic efficiency and be more balanced.

TARGET 1.1 To contribute to the social and economic development of the country by improving the geometric and physical standards of the highways.

TARGET 1.2 In order to realize new state roads and motorways by facilitating the alternative financial resources within the framework of public-private sector cooperation at the primary arteries with high traffic density;

  • İstanbul-İzmir (including Körfez passage)
  • Edirne-İzmir (including Çanakkale Strait passage)
  • Ankara-İzmir Motorways and,
  • İstranbul Strait Third Bridge and conjunction roads,
  • İzmir Tube Strait / Bridge
  • 3500 kilometers BSK roads

to be completed.

TARGET 1.3 To improve and enhance air transport and to make our country regional air transport center in international sphere, in this respect, to increase passenger traffic to 130 million annually until the end of year 2013; to provide the connection of airports with the rail system and other public transport systems.

TARGET 1.4 Primarily, remaining Ankara at the centre;

  • Ankara-İstanbul,
  • Ankara-Konya,
  • Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway projects and,
  • İstanbul (Halkalı) Edirne (Kapıkule) railway projects to be completed.
  • Ankara-İzmir high-speed railway project to be launched.
  • New Ankara Railway Station to be built.


To carry out relevant engineering, auditing and consultancy works for the construction of 4984 kilometers high-standard new railway line.

to finish the engineering, auditing and consultancy works.

phase of the railway consisting of 1503 km railway,

to improve the railway net and rasie the amount of transport of goods by railway %100 and passenger transport by % 50.

TARGET 1.5 to shorten the voyage sidtance and to maintain the continuity of the travel time, building a railway and two highways connecting with the tube passage.

TARGET 1.6 Towards generaliing the combined transport. Halkalı, ıspartakule ( İstanbul) , Köseköy ( İzmit), kaklık ( denizli), eskieşhir, bogazköprü ( kayseri ) ,Balıkesir,yenice (adana), palandöken ( Erzurum) , Konya and uşak as centres, building 11 logistic villages on these centres.

TARGET 1.7 To renew 2500 km. of the exisiting railway line in the planning period,

TARGET 1.8 To maintain the international and national maritime transport needs of the Industry, tourism, energy and agriculture sectors; raising the yatching and bulking capacity of the ports twice in the 2009-2013 period , to complete investments regarding the needs making effective the fisherman houses projects programming and continuation investments as priority in a short period of time.

TARGET 1.9 According to improve the combined transport, finishing all hinterland connection of ports with highways and railways.

TARGET 10 Firstly in the metropol cities having big traffic jams, giving importanceand priority to railway based urban transport systems.

TARGET 1.11 Improving railway side-sector ( fast train sets, railroad track, Wheel, rail switch, travers, connection elements etc. ) and increasing domestic production rates and avoiding foreign dependence.

STRATEGİCAL AIM 2 : Realization of more efficient regulations, implementaions to reach a sustainable transport system , providing thesecurity of life and prosperity at the highest level.

TARGET 2.1 All factors affecting the transport sector ( energy, agriculture, environment, health etc.) and alternative transport

TARGET 2.2 In transport sector, to develop transport database that is continuously updated and has been domiciled in a homogeneous structure. By this database to provide determining performance criteria proper to every sub-mode and developing monitoring mechanisms to measure the performances of public institutions that displaying activity in the sector.

TARGET 2. 3 To improve and generalize road transport adequate to the needs and the standards.

TARGET 2.4 To benefit from Smart Transport Systems for supplementing the security in road and rail transport.

TARGET 2.5 To improve infrastructure of road transport in accordance with the needs of countrys economy and international transport demand.

TARGET 2.6 To carry on construction of divided highways and to accelerate transforming smatter pavement roads that have consistent traffic of heavy vehicles to Bituminous Hot Mixture BHM, to complete 6500 km (3000 km. by PPP model) of the all by the end of 2013.

TARGET 2.7 To fine down black accident pitches where traffic accidents happen consistently and regions that have high risk of accident.

TARGET 2.8 In air transport, to provide making mandatory operational arrangements and applications for achieving air vehicle, flying and airport security in accordance with the international rules and standards of civil aviation and to audit this situation. To provide security of aviation.

TARGET 2.9 To array our ports, where the vessel traffic is consistent, with VTS (Vessel Traffic Management System) and other our ports with AIS (Automatic Information System) in order to decrease loss of life and property and decrease existent security in maritime transport.

TARGET 2.10 To provide Vessel Traffic Services, Pilotage at Turkish Straits, Trailer Services and Health Services in global standards.

TARGET 2.11 To increase our ability of maritime assistance for rescuing life and property at Turkish Straits, in maritime communication to provide quality, fast and economic communication in global standards, to transform all lighthouse installations to Remote Control System, to increase struggle efficiency for sea pollution and protection of environment.

TARGET 2.12 to research the environmental effects of transport and communications systems, to take necessary measures for minimizing the negative effects and to develop suitable projects.

STRATEGIC AIM 3: to improve and make the information and communications sector performing in an innovative and perfectionist manner, to generalize the information and communications technology services country-wide in a responsible way.

TARGET 3.1 Enable the information and communication technology sector to develop in a sustainable efficient competitive atmosphere.

TARGET 3.2 to increase the number of broadband internet user number to over 11 million during the Strategic Plan period. To provide the broadband internet service to all schools within the framework of the Universal Service Law and social responsibility and in the ICT area, to eliminate the disparities in internet access between city centers and rural areas.

TARGET 3.3 to promote research & development studies in information and communication technologies

TARGET 3.4 in order to secure the citizens, enterprises and all public institutions to benefit from the information and communications technologies frequently, to realize the actions assigned to the Ministry of Transport and also designated in the Information Society Strategy.

TARGET 3.5 to provide an increase of % 25 in trading volume and % 10 in postal services in the PTT Bank and Logistics areas during the Strategic Plan period.

TARGET 3.6 to give 3N (3G Third Generation GSM) licenses and enable their usage.

TARGET 3.7 to give Wi-max (Wireless Microwave Access) license.

TARGET 3.8 to realize the use of IP TV and digital broadcast project.

TARGET 3.9 to secure the nationwide coverage (as geographical area) in GSM services

TARGET3.10 Increase number of 2-2,5 generation (GPRS-EDGE) GSM subscribers to 75 million, 3N subsciber number to 2 million.

TARGET 3.11 By providing necessary promotion and assistance to increase the computer ownership to 15 million, increasing the ratio of computer literacy to 60% of the population until the end of 2013.

TARGET 3.12 Completing the infrastructure of E-Government Door and providing 40 % of all the public services from E-Government Door at the end of 2013.

TARGET 3.13 By improving the competency of satellite technology production in our country, launching Türksat 4A satellite to the space.

TARGET 3.14 Starting a Turkish and foreign partner production satellite in coordination with the related institutions.

TARGET 3.15 Improving and diversifying the services provided on cable platform.

STRATEGIC AIM 4: Improving the international competitive capacity of information, communication and transportation sectors.

TARGET 4.1 Harmonizing with the Acquis Communautaire in transportation, information and communication sectors.

TARGET 4.2 Increasing the number of countries that commercial vehicles in international freight transportation business, do transit/ bilateral transportation without transit bill requirement.

TARGET 4.3 Generalizing the usage of public-private sector cooperation model more in transportation, information and communication sectors.

TARGET 4.4 Performing alternative services by benefiting maximum from the dynamism of private sector .By this way, increasing the competitive capacity in transportation, information and communication sectors.

TARGET 4.5 To activate more the controls of flag and port government according to international rules.

TARGET 4.6 Increase the number of sea man two times with respect to the present number and improve the Turkish sea man education and certification system.

TARGET 4.7 Increasing level of our country to the second rank in the world yacht construction and in shipbuilding fourth rank.

TARGET 4.8 Increasing the size of Telecommunication market to 50 Billion USD.

STRATEGIC AIM 5: In the information and communication sectors about transportation, establishing a structure which will increase the effectiveness of the decision making and planning process and improving institutionalization through specialized human resources.

TARGET 5.1 To prevent the waste of human and physical resources and establishing a faster and efficient decision making process in management, renewing the law about the organization and duties of the Ministry of Transportation with the number 3348.

TARGET 5.2 To contribute to the corporate development by the efficient execution of the services of the ministry, providing the employment of personnel specialized in the necessary fields.

TARGET 5.3 Establishing the Transportation Research Center to carry out the scientific research, development and training activities.

TARGET 5.4 In the Highways, carrying out the needed legal and structural adjustments to perform the maintenance and repair services by the public private partnership model.

TARGET 5.5 Completing the rebuilding process of General Directorate-Turkish State Railways, promoting transition of private sector to train industry and decrease operational loss of General Directorate-Turkish State Railways to a sustainable level (about 60% decrease)

TARGET 5.6 Taking precautions in the direction of conducting and controlling for Airport Operation and air traffic services in an effective manner under international civil air rules and regulations and security, efficiency and competition conditions

TARGET 5.7 Concluding the deregulation process of the airport, passenger terminal and cargo facilities operations by supporting the private sector entrepreneurship.

TARGET 5.8 Improving the postal, banking and logistic services carried out by the Directorate General of PTT by making them more modern and competitive, and reconstructing it according to the recent improving and changing conditions.

TARGET 5.9 Uniting the Turkish Maritime Enterprises and Directorate General Coastal Safety under the same roof.