Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications
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Road sector is not only an important individual activity field in itself but also an important secvice sector that is related to all other sectors and transportation modes

Apart from this characteristic, if there is transfer transport, it has a supplementary role to railway, maritime and air transport. Hence, the most improved transport mode is road transport all over the world.

Due to rapid developments of road transport in our country as it is in the world and developments in economic, commercial and social life makes the sector needs to have stronger legal infrastructure.

Consequently, Road Transport Act Numbered 4925 was accepted and come in to force by Sublime Parliament in order to correct the irregularities in the sector and to order the sector in line with the needs of economic, technical, commercial and social life.

In this context, our Ministry has comprehensive studies on the subjects below:

  • Improvement of road sector,
  • Works of dual-carriage ways and highways,
  • Studies in order to provide road traffic security,
  • Studies on improvement and arrangement of road sector,
  • Studies related to establishment of R&D sector for road.