Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications
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As you may know, although Turkey is surrounded by seas on its three fronts and therefore being a peninsula, we can not say that maritime sector has been taken advantage fully. Since maritime sector did not receive sufficent attention and care in the past years, it does not have its deserved position in our country.

Our ministry have taken steps to ensure that problematic maritime sector can reach a proper position deserved by our country and people. We are having important developments from shipbuilder's yards to ships, the opening of the new lines to the international harmonization protocols. We started to receieve the outputs of the works carried out in accordance with our policies .

Our country has a big potantial in terms of transportation since it is a natural bridge between Europe, Central Asia and Middle East. Turkey, due to its geographical position in the crossroads of three continents, is located at the heart of a transportation network extending to Atlas Ocean with Gibraltar Strait, to Arabian Peninsula and Indian Ocean with the Sues Canal, to Euresia and Far East with Mediteranean-Black Sea links through Turkish Straits. That situation reflects the importance of our country in terms of cabotage, international and transit transport.

Within that framework, our ministry carries out comprehensive activities in the following areas:

  • Development of maritime sector
  • To increase the share of Turkey's maritime sector and maritime trade
  • To ensure that Turkey reaches its deserved position in the international arena
  • To improve curuise tranport
  • To improve yatch tourism and to increase the number of yatch ports
  • To develop Turkish ship making yards
  • To increse safety in the Turkish seas and straits
  • To carry out R&D activities in order to improve maritime sector