Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications
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The technological developments that marked the 21st century have establisdhed a favourable context for social transformation, that is, transfromation from Classical society to Information Society.

That underlines the necessity to closely observe technological developments and the fast expansion of information in an ever increasingly competitive environment driven by the globalization. Acknowledging this reality, our ministry is in an endevour to create a Turkey that has high standarts of living and that can compete globaly.

In the globalized world where the information sector has been transformed from a sector to a life style, the current society has become information society, the current state has become Information State, Learnt State.

In the policy document that has been adopted by the E-Transformation Streering Committe, the vision of the Turkey's transformation into a information society has been determined as to become a country which is a focal point in terms of producing technology and information, which uses technology and information as an effective tool, which producec more values with decision making processes using information, which is successfull in the global competitition and which has high standards of living.

Deriving from this consciousness, the policies which have been implemented since 2002 are as follows:

  • To ensure effective competition in the fields of information and communication
  • To expand access to broad band
  • To ensure alignment of legislation with those of the EU
  • To expand Universal Service
  • To establish an R&D sector to support information and communication sector
  • To decrease the prices of information and communication services
  • To expand the use of information and communication
  • To implement E-Government Project and increase the number of services provided on the common portal
  • To ensure the participation of Turkey to scientific researches in Europe and in the world